Is chiropractic treatment painful? Debunking this myth

When someone is in pain with their neck and back then chiropractic care may be an option. One of the things that may stop people from coming in is the idea that chiropractic treatment is painful.  In this blog we look at a common misconception that chiropractic care hurts.

What causes pain?

Inflamed tissues and joints can result in tenderness or pain in the neck and back. This may be a consequence of spinal curves that are misaligned and/or spinal joints that are restricted and stiff. This is what we need to determine, where the pain may be coming from. When we have someone lying on the examination table for an assessment, then this alone can feel tender and sometimes painful.

We explain each step

If we feel a certain part of the chiropractic assessment or treatment may cause a bit of discomfort, we make sure we communicate that to people. Explaining what treatment options are and giving people the choice of manual or instrument therapy helps to alleviate the uncertainty. If you know what to expect then you can relax more and allow the practitioner to do what is necessary.


Our tables move up and down to accomodate different aspects of examination or treatment and that can startle people. Explaining when we are moving the table up and down before we actually move the table allows people to get used to the different sounds. The table has a drop piece section to assist in certain adjustments. 


As people commence care we help them to relax by asking them to focus on their breathing.  A mindful breathe in and a slow and steady breathe out relaxes the person getting care and gives them something to focus on.

Ask questions

If you have a problem with your spine or posture and have questions around care then please feel free to contact us and one of our chiropractors. It’s important that you feel you are in the right place and that all your questions have been answered.


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