Get in/out of Car with a ‘Tight Skirt’

Getting in and out of the car PROPERLY

What is the best way to enter and exit the car and avoid aggravating your back or causing strain? Ladies and gentlemen – pretend you have a TIGHT SKIRT on.

What?? Yes, get in/out of car with a ‘tight skirt’.

How does that help? Apart from making you giggle, it does in fact, have a really useful function, as it provides a visual for you. The aim is for this visual to pop up for you in your minds eye when entering and exiting your car. Whether you are a driver or a passenger, then the same principles apply.

Imagine climbing into the car with a tight skirt on- it’s going to look awkward if you do try and climb in.

Best way is to get into the car:

  • sit facing the door
  • Brace your core
  • swing legs around

Best way is to get out of the car:

  • brace your core by gently pulling your low back towards your belly button and engage your core muscles.
  • swing legs around, remember you have that tight skirt on. We are aiming to get in/out of car with a ‘tight skirt’.
  • push up and off the car seat by engaging your gluteal muscles 💪.

We also looked at getting shopping 🛍 🛒 in and out of your car boot that avoids unnecessary twisting, further aggravating your back. Best to always face whatever you are lifting, brace your core, lift and move feet around to face where the item is being put down. You don’t need to look like a robot doing this, however, a small shuffle of the feet does the trick. Give it a go.

If you get low back stiffness, then CLICK HERE for some low back stretches and for core exercises please CLICK HERE.

Listen up and let us know if you have any questions, please feel free to ask us.

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