2 Best Ways to BEND

Are you bending safely?

In today’s video video we look at keeping a neutral spine while bending down to the floor.

It’s difficult to avoid bending in your day. Whether you are bending for any of the following reasons, then it’s important that you know the 2 best ways to bend, as stiff and cranky low backs are best avoided. 

  • are picking things up off the floor
  • picking veggies
  • doing your shoelaces
  • tidying up after children/pets

Aim to keep a straight, neutral spine – you don’t have to have low back pain to bend properly. Safe bending is sensible and helps to prevent unnecessary load to the joints, discs, nerves and muscles of the low back spine. In fact, if you bend correctly, you can strengthen your core at the same time.

Here are 2 ways to bend.

1. Squat down. If you have ankle and knee problems, you will need to be careful. Getting to the ground while squatting allows the spine to stay straight, and as you come up engage thigh, gluteal and core muscles.

2.  Bending from the hips. Hinge forward from the hips and keep your spine neutral. This minimises any stress to be placed on the low back. Engage hamstring muscles at the back of the thighs when coming up from the bent posture.


What’s the best posture if you have to pick up an item or a small child?

When you are picking something up, then squat and keep the item close to your body as you lift. Awkward sized items or little, wriggly people can make your job harder. Squatting down is mostly preferable when lifting a heavy or awkward item – just be mindful to keep your balance and if the item is too heavy, ask for help.

How do you bend? Is there a better way you could be bending?

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Let us know how you go.

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