Stretch Chest with ‘Y,W, T’ Move

We have a fun way to get you up and stretching. Especially if you have been at your desk, working or studying, or if you have been on any devices at all.

It is not uncommon to find that the front of the chest gets tight and you may feel your shoulders wanting to round forward. Getting up often and making sure you get some regular general exercise helps.

What to do:

This YWT move is perfect for you to try during your regular 30 minute breaks. This is what you need to do to stretch chest:

  • Get up and get off your bed, couch, chair or fit ball
  • Stand tall, engage your core by gently pulling your belly button to your low back
  • Lift your arms up into the air and make a Y position with your arms. Really stretch up and stretch those fingers wide too.
  • Hold for a few seconds
  • Pull arms down into a W position, so bend your elbows to 90 degrees and have your forearms vertical. Feel the pulling down of your shoulder blades and gently pull your arms back, so you feel a stretch at the front of your chest.
  • Hold for a few seconds
  • Straighten your arms out so you make a T with your arms. Arms are now horizontal to the ground. Spread those fingers out and stretch out along your arm and again feel the stretch across your chest. As you straighten your arms out, stand on your tippy toes.
  • Hold for a few seconds
  • Repeat the above 5 times

Give it a go -how does that feel? You will probably feel brighter and more alert now, ready to get into some more work or study.

Try it a few times today and let us know how you feel. Did you like it? Would you use this Y,W, T move again?

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