Easy Pec Stretch

Whether you have done too many pushups or find yourself sitting for far too long, then get up and do this pec stretch. It feels great to open up the front of the chest and undo some of the tension that has developed in those pectoral muscles.

You can even feel yourself breathing better as the ribcage expands.

Let’s get going.

Here is what to do for a pec stretch:

  • Stand in between a doorway
  • Feet together
  • Arms up so elbows are at right angles and upper arms are horizontal to the floor
  • Place your upper arms against the door frame. If the door is too wide, then do one side at a time. Or if you are small in stature, do one side at a time.
  • Gently, and I mean gently, lean forward.
  • Keep shoulders down, do not hunch then up
  • Feel the stretch in the front of the chest in the pectoral muscles
  • Hold for 20-30 seconds
  • You can then bring the elbow up a little so your upper arms are angling up now. This will stretch a different part of your pectoral muscle.

Repeat a few times a day and adding it to your break routine is a great idea.

Please remember to stop if you are feeing too strain in the front of your shoulders. Let your practitioner know if this is happening to you.

One point that is important to make it that we often see tightness in the front of the chest accompanied by weakness in the mid back muscles in between your shoulder blades, postural issues and or forward head carriage. If you feel you may have other issues then speak to your practitioner and find out more.

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