What are the Best Shoes for Best Posture?

What are you wearing on your feet? Are your shoes supportive? There are many things to consider when buying shoes. Whether the shoes are supporting you and are the best shoes for best posture or whether the shoes are the best style for your fashion eye depends on the individual. If you have back issues or are aware of the importance of good shoes for your foot health and your spinal health then please read on. 

Check your footwear and see if they are ticking all the boxes:

  •  Firm heel.
  • Thick shock absorbing sole
  • Sole/heel not worn out
  • Foot is not flopping around in shoe, laces and Velcro straps help

If your shoes are not ticking the boxes and they have never or 🛑 stopped supporting your foot then getting rid of them is one choice. The other choice you have is to  re-sole/re-heel your shoes. This is not possible of course with rubber soled shoes  

While walking around during the day and relying on a good supportive shoe will help to keep your ankle, knee, hip and back more neutral too. It takes a bit of work to the get the best shoe for the best posture, but if you do, the benefits are many. Plus, your feet will love you back by having better foot health. 

Look down to those shoes and let us know how you’re going with your shoe choice!

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