Best Low Back Sitting Posture

Today your task (if you take up the challenge) is to check in with your sitting posture.  Ideally we should be avoiding sitting, especially if there are low back issues, such asn pain and stiffness. If you think about your low back when you are sitting, then imagine how the weight of your torso is completely in the low back. When we stand the weight of our torso is transferred down our legs into the ground. 

So to minimise the stress on our low back, then we look at maintaining good spinal alignment. It is hard to avoid

To help you learn more about how to improve your low back posture, firstly identify wen you sit during your day. Do you find yourself sitting and –working

  • studying
  •  reading
  •  looking at your iPad or phone
  • or just sitting and relaxing

Then take note of your posture. Ensure your hips are over your shoulders and you are not slouching or hunching. .

For the posture remember to :

  • Get up every 30 minutes. The more you sit the more of a chance your posture will start to hunch and worsen. Pop a timer on your phone as a reminder.
  • Remove wallet out of pocket. Sitting for prolonged periods of time on a wallet will cause an imbalance in your pelvis. This imbalance will transfer up the spine.
  • Avoid crossing your legs. Generally if people cross their legs, they tend to cross the same one. This, over time can aggravate the pelvis and low back.
  • Avoid sitting on your leg/s. When some people sit for too long, they get restless. One of the postures they assume is one where one or both legs are tucked under them. This can cause stress and strain on low back and pelvis.

Let us know how you go with all this today! 

CLICK HERE to find out more about getting the best home desk posture.  To help you get moving in your day, try this 30 minute spinal exercise program run by Lisa, chiropractor. CLICK HERE.

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