Let’s test your sitting posture.

Can you get through your day without sitting down? Some may feel that they never sit down and when they do the question of good sitting posture is thrown out the window because by that time they are so tired. Any posture will do. Then you get those who, even if they exercise 1 hour a day, are sitting 10 hours a day too. For most people, sitting is a difficult thing to avoid. So in this video we want to test your sitting posture and give you tips and tricks to help.

Where is your bottom when you are sitting?

  • Is it in front of shoulders? (Slouching Posture)
  • Is it behind your shoulders? (Hunching Posture)
  • Or is your bottom where it should be? Over your shoulders.

In this video, Lisa is showing some not so ideal postures and then reminding you of what good sitting posture is!

It helps if you:

  • Have an upright chair. This is easier during the day when you are working perhaps. What about when you are sitting and relaxing? What about maintaining good posture on the couch. To find out more. please  CLICK HERE to find out what you can do to assist posture on the couch.
  • Maintain some low back support, either with a small cushion or a built in lumbar support. Many good office chairs will have a lumbar support, but if you are sitting and studying or working from a dining chair, then place a pillow in the small of your back to maintain a normal forward lumbar curve. 
  • Keep feet 🦶 on the ground, ensuring knees and hips are bent at 90 degrees. This is more of an issue for shorter people or teenagers who are studying on a dining table. A small box to rest feet on so they are not dangling down is a great idea.
  • Get up often, every 30 minutes at least.  We all know how easy it is to sit in one spot when you are fully engrossed in your work. For that reason we encourage you to set a reminder on your phone to remind you to get up every 30 minutes. Go for a walk around the house or do a few stretches. CLICK HERE for some stretches you could do at home or office.

Is this posture YOU? Let me know if you catch yourself doing this. Prolong poor posture places mechanical stress on tissues such as muscles 💪, joints and nerves. Over time poor posture can cause structural deformity and eventually pain.

Start to improve your spinal health by becoming more aware of your posture.

Start now! – test your sitting posture. You’re worth it.

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