Gluteal Muscles Activation Exercise.

Our spine requires 3 things for its stability. Having a strong core set muscles is one of them. Often people with lower back issues have weakness in their gluteal muscles. 

In this video Dr. Lisa, chiropractor, goes through how to activate your glutes and then how to strengthen them. These muscles may be turned off mainly due to prolonged or chronic back pain, excessive sitting or trauma. The primary action of the glute muscles is to allow for hip extension. It helps you do things like walk up stairs. In fact the gluteus maximus (not a Roman Emperor) is THE largest muscle in the body, so you can imagine how important this muscle is in spinal stability.

What you will need:

Yoga mat/ carpet/ grass


Motivation and persistence

Step 1 – get into Neutral Spine position

To do this, lie on the ground on your back with knees bent. Have knees hip width apart and feet (preferably bare) slightly turned out. Push your lower back to the ground and let us call that position, position ‘0’. Now push your belly button up towards the ceiling (or sky if you’re outside) and that position is position ’10’. Pelvis stays on the ground here. Neutral spine is ‘5’, so mid point between the two positions. Your lower back should feel relaxed and neutral.

Step 2 – Activate your glutes

Now in this neutral spine position lift your pelvis (and bottom) off the ground. You will need to engage the glute muscles to do this. Use your bottom, not your back. Feel your glutes with your fingers and make sure they are activating.

Hold for 60 seconds 

Repeat 5 times with a 30-60 second rest in between

Do 1-2 times a day

Do everyday until you get checked by your chiropractor

If you can’t hold for 60 seconds, then keep note of how long you can hold the position for and try and improve next time. It may take weeks to build up strength, so you need to be patient with this one.

Step 3 – Advanced Exercise: Use Theraband for Glute medius.

Get into the same neutral spine position. Once you are happy with your hold in Step 2, then you can take the next step. Place a looped Theraband around the top of your knees on your lower thigh. Gently get tension in the band and feel the activation of the glute medius muscles that are on the side of your bottom. Then continue with the same exercise in Step 2.

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