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Low back issues can be due to a low back posture shift to one side, what I often refer to as the ‘Leaning Tower of Pisa Effect’.

In this blog, we are going through one cause of low back issues, that often remains undetected and this is a side shift (lateral translation) of the spine to one side. We will also go through, how we help these chronic low back cases, with chiropractic care and Chiropractic BipPhysics (CBP).

Why Does the Spine Shift to one Side?

There are two main reasons why the spine shifts and these are’

1. Uneven leg length

As a CBP practitioner, we detect and carefully measure the tilt in the sacrum (the bone your spine sits on) and the height of the hips, to determine if the spine is tilted. We then take into consideration the amount in millimetres and whether the spine will benefit from a heel lift.

2. Poor prolonged posture.

Over time, when someone assumes a shift in their posture to one side, then this may lead to a posture shift to that side. There will be a visible lean of the body to that side on standing. This low back posture shift may not only be visible in the low back on xrays, but start in the low back and continue all the way up the spine.

Sitting at the desk towards one side or leaning to one side as a driver in a car or truck, are two examples that can result in a side shift of the spine.

What happens to the Spine with the Shift?

  • Compression on one side, the same side as the lean.

This causes compressive tension in the tissues, including muscles, discs, joints and nerves

  • Pulling or over stretching on the opposite side of the lean

The opposite will occur to compression, where tissues will be over stretched.

What happens if the body doesn’t Regain Balance?

Think of the leaning Tower of Pisa, or a sailing boat. When there is a lean to one side, there is a pull on one side and a compression on the other. Struts are often used in buildings that are leaning to provide support to the low side, so GRAVITY doesn’t continue to pull it towards the ground.

In the body…, if you are leaning to one side, then the muscles and ligaments are trying to pull the body back to the centre. These tissues can only hold on for so long before they strain and become inflamed, leading to PAIN.

Joints, discs and nerves can only withstand a certain amount of load, before they fail too. Inflammation and pain will eventually result as damage occurs in these tissues.

Regain Posture and Balance with CBP.

The aim of CBP is to regain spinal alignment, so the spine is closer to the ideal posture. Low back posture shift can be helped with the application of the principles of CBP.

Regular chiropractic care is required to regain function and movement of the spinal joints that have become stiff/stuck (subluxated). Combining this with traction, on the Denneroll traction table (in the case above), along with corrective rehabilitative exercises, helps to get the best results.

Do you need to see a CBP practitioner?

If your problem is related to a posture issue, then please contact your local CBP practitioner. Go to the CBP website to find a CBP doctor at


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