Side Posture Assessment

Are your ‘Green Dots’ lining up? In this side posture assessment, we look at how you can assess your posture side on, and the possible areas in day to day life that can place you in the wrong posture. 

This snapshot of Lisa, was chiropractor, explaining what a neutral spine should look like and how important it is to be aware of your posture.

Here she’s showing how hunching over a mobile phone 📱 changes our side posture. Look around you and observe people’s posture. What do you see? Often you will see people hunched over their computer, lap top, phone or book. This posture is not a problem if it’s for a few minutes, but this is generally not the case. People get stuck in this position for hours at a time and do not take adequate breaks. Keeping a forward gaze and keeping you ear over your shoulder should be the aim. This is a neutral posture and minimises stresses and strain on the neck, shoulders and upper back.

On the side, we should be aiming for ear 👂 over shoulder, over hip, over knee and over ankle. When standing that is.. When sitting  we take out the dots over knee and ankle.

Ask yourself ‘How did l go today with lining up my GREEN DOTS?

Could l have been more aware?

Perhaps tomorrow imagine those green dots on you and see how better your posture is!

Give it a go! It all starts with awareness. CLICK HERE to learn more about ideal posture.  For more information about getting the right home desk set up then CLICK HERE. 

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