Front on Posture – Making sure all your BLUE dots line up

Today’s task is to be aware of this front on posture, the posture where we are looking at ourselves face on.

It’s all about the BLUE DOTS.

When we develop a visual of ‘ideal posture’ then we can see if and when we deviate from that. How about we imagine (or as Dr. Lisa, chiropractor as done in this video) blue dots stuck on yourself. One on your forehead, one on your sternum and one on your belly button or pubic symphysis.

Here is a question for you today.

Ask yourself if during the coarse of your day, ‘are my ‘blue dots’ are lining up?’ Your goal is to get the ‘blue dots’ lining up when looking at yourself in the front on posture.

Perhaps for one day, while you are at work or at home working/studying, that you place these dots on yourself. Filming yourself is another suggestion. This will remind you to take note of how you are sitting, standing or doing whatever activity you do. It’s a great idea to take extra note in the stationary postures or activities that are repetitive. Or perhaps you can think of a different way to get some feedback on your daily postural habits.

How are those dots lining up when you are sitting?

– Are you leaning or turning your head one way? Check if your computer is directly in front of you. Could you move your chair so you are looking straight ahead?

– Is there a lean to one side while at the desk? Perhaps leaning on one elbow, at the desk, on the lounge or even in the car?

– What is happening with your posture when relaxing? Sitting up with your head over your sternum and your sternum over your belly button is ideal. Leaning to the side may feel relaxing, but will strain your spine.

How are those dots lining up when you are standing?

  • Keep body weight equal on both feet. Avoid leaning on one leg, especially if you are a standing desk
  • When carrying bags, aim to use a backpack and make sure you wear it using both straps
  • If you are doing any repetitive work, then try and alternated sides so you are not always favouring one side of your body

Let’s us know how you go, and what area in your day you are finding a bit challenging to keep those dots aligned.

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