Persistent Neck PAIN? 

It could be a Curve Issue. For those that experience persistent neck pain then you know how much this impacts your day to day life. Will I wake with it today? Could it lead to a headache? I have an important meeting  to get through, I hope the pain doesn’t show up on my face.

It’s frustrating, not only putting up with the pain, but trying to figure out the WHY? Why doesn’t this pain go away completely and will I be putting up with this, and worse as I get older?

More questions than answers for your neck pain

One of the reasons why people have persistent neck pain, even with the help of natural therapies, can be the presence of an altered forward neck curve. People that wish to deal with health issues naturally can find that with curve issues therapies such as massage, yoga, chiropractic and osteopathy etc., only give temporary relief. The problem of relaxing muscles and loosening stiff and tight joints has short term benefits.

We often see that a severe reduction and a straightening of the normal forward neck curve will add undue stress and loading to the neck, that will, over time lead to joint stiffness and muscle tension in the neck. The ideal neck curve of 40 degrees, providing support and acting as a shock absorber. The head is heavy and not only does the neck need to support this 5-6 kilogram weight, but it needs to move too.

Research has shown that a neck curve that is halved, around 20 degrees will have a greater likelihood of neck pain. If the curve was reduced to zero, then there was an 18 times likelihood of neck pain. (1)


How can Reduced Neck Curves get HELP?

The only non surgery option that has the most published research papers is Chiropractic BioPhysics or CBP. This is the most researched spinal curve corrective technique that is known.  CBP combines physics, biomechanics and anatomy to assess the spine and multimodal approach to bring the spine closer to its “ideal”. Treatment includes Denneroll home traction, in house Denneroll table traction and mirror image® adjusting and exercises.

Not every person is suitable for CBP work, so visiting a certified CBP practitioner to see if you qualify for treatment is necessary. Visit the Ideal Spine website directory to find your local CBP certified practitioner.

These two links will give you more information about how certain neck postures can effect the neck curve. CLICK HERE to listen to a fairy tale about Princess Bal-ance in search of her perfecto postured prince. CLICK HERE for the neck posture that contributes to neck pain and curve issues.


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