Do you suffer from neck pain?

We are going to explore if this particular neck posture, causes neck pain. It’s called forward head carriage and the most common posture that is assumed in most of the population. 

What is forward head carriage?

Forward head carriage is exactly what the name entails – head posture out of neutral posture where the head is sitting in front of the shoulders, instead of directly over them.

It is usually due to changes in the cervical spine alignment that moves the head from its proper position further forward. The more the head moves forward, the greater gravity produces weight bearing stress on the neck. Just like a bowling ball that is held further away from the body, it places more stress on the shoulders. You can see why this particular neck posture causes pain.

How does that cause neck pain?

Forward  head posture increases the workload for many of the muscles that attach from the neck to the shoulders. This posture leads to muscle imbalances as the body tries to adapt to try and hold a heavy head up for straight ahead vision.

As a result, the supporting muscles may weaken and become shorter and tighter.

This postural distortion is a prominent cause of neck pain as the abnormal stress on the joints and muscles and nerves can cause significant pain. Long term this can result in degenerative disc disease, osteoarthritis or disc prolapse.

It’s highly important to create good postural habits from an early age so that forward head carriage doesn’t lead to long term health issues as an adult, but also to improve quality of life.

The bonus is we look so much better when we are sitting up straight and holding ourselves in perfect upright posture!

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