Scott, our Remedial Massage Therapist at Errol Street Chiropractic Centre goes through 3 simple ways that you can help to ease with plantar fasciitis pain.

Plantar Fasciitis is where the plantar fascia (band of tissue that connects the heel to the toes) becomes inflamed, weak or swollen. Plantar fasciitis causes pain in the heel and bottom of the foot when you walk.

Common causes are;

  •  poor biomechanics (feet rolling inwards)
  • high arches or flat feet
  • standing or walking for long periods especially on hard surfaces
  • tight Achilles tendons or calf muscles

3 Stretches to try:

  1. Soleus stretch: This stretch is done while standing and is easiest to be done using the wall to support you. Bring the front leg close to the wall and bend the front knee so that it is touching the wall without the heel raising. You can measure how far from the wall you can get to see improvements.  Hold for 15-30 seconds each side
  2. Gastrocnemius stretch: Find something to support yourself and get in a lunge position then keeping the back heel on the ground and the knee straight. Hold for 15-30 seconds each side.
  3. Big Toe stretch: One leg crossed over the top while seated and pulling the big toe up towards you. Hold for 15-30 seconds each side.

Ice therapy:

Rolling the on a cold water bottle: Using a cold water bottle you can put it under the arches    of your foot and while seated roll your foot over the top. Do this for 5 minutes.

PLEASE NOTE: With plantar fasciitis you want to make sure that you aren’t over stretching and causing any more damage or inflammation to the area.

If you find these tips help, however the pain has not completely disappeared, then call us on 9329 1118 for a deep tissue massage or have one of our chiropractors do a bio-mechanical assessment to find out what is causing the problem.