Can Spinal Curves Change?

More research is being done in the area of the spine and posture and the effect that poor posture has on spinal health and overall health. When the spine moves away from its IDEAL alignment and the curves are no longer ideal, this can give rise to issues such as: pain, instability, uneven loading, discomfort and stiffness. What we now know with research, is that it’s a myth, that spinal curves cannot be changed.

What treatment can change spinal curves?

Chiropractic BioPhysics ®(CBP®) is a non surgical form of spinal and postural corrective treatment. It is the most published named technique in Index Medicus in the chiropractic profession, as well as being the most scientifically validated chiropractic technique in the world.

CBP combines biomechanics, biology, physics and mathematics to analyse the spinal curves and correct them.

How long has CBP been around for?

Don Harrison and his second with Deanne Harrison, founded CBP in 1982 and it was registered as a Non Profit organisation in 1989. Chiropractors from all over the world can undertake their CBP training in this teaching clinic.. The CBP centre is in Boise Idaho and the president of the Ideal Spine centre is Deed Harrison, the founders son. 

Research areas in CBP 

With over 200 peer reviewed published papers, here is a list of what the research areas:

“CBP research consists of studies on a variety of CBP technique related topics including:

  • Spine modeling studies evaluating ideal and average human alignment variables,
  • Spine biomechanics studies analyzing loads, stress, and strains,
  • Posture modeling studies,
  • Reliability of measurements and evaluation of patients (x-ray, posture),
  • Validity of the measurements and evaluation of patients,
  • Randomized trials evaluating technique outcomes,
  • Non-randomized trials evaluating technique outcomes,
  • Case series studies evaluating technique outcomes,
  • Case studies evaluating technique outcomes,
  • Literature reviews and professional commentaries.”

How does CBP change curves and posture?

Each CBP qualified candidate has an individualised program of care set up. The multi-modal approach includes the following aspects, of course each will vary for the individual case.

  • Mirror image ® adjusting. These are not vertebrae specific adjustments but work  on the larger curve and stretch them into the opposite (mirror) direction.
  • Mirror image ® exercises to rehabilitate the muscles around the effected area and assist movement  the opposite (mirror) direction
  • Home traction. This involves the use of a Denneroll to assist in the postural and spinal correction
  • In office traction. In our office we have Denneroll tables that are uses to traction the spine by adding corrective forces to effected areas.
  • Lifestyle advice. We help by giving appropriate advice to correct poor daily posture.

Here is the Ideal Spine website:

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