Often low back pain can be aggravated by or even attributed to stiff hips. If you want to have healthy hips and maintain a well moving low back, then follow these 5 Hip Stretches to help Low Back Pain.

Test your hip mobility:

  1. Hip rotations
  • Stand with feet apart and hands on hips
  • Gently rotate hips around one way and take note if there is tension or soreness in any part of your hips
  • Rotate the hips the other way too

This acts as a warm up too.

2. Hinge

While standing, bend forward from the hips, in a hinging motion. Imagine you are closing a door with your behind, and make sure you keep the normal low back forward curve.

Take note while moving into a hinge;

  • how far forward can you move without feeling stiffness in hips
  • Can you maintain the lumbar curve
  • Is there any stiffness in the hamstrings

Aim to do several hinge movements before moving onto the stretches.

Functional movements

1. Side lunge

This is a one movement to stretch the inside of the hip and thigh. 

  • Stand with feel wide apart
  • Lunge to one side and then the other
  • Do this several times, alternating each side
  • Take note if one side is easier than the other

Variation 1: touch the opposite foot with your hand to get a stretch in the spine

Variation 2 : Slowly touch the opposite foot and twist the spine to get a deeper spinal stretch

2. Step forward lunge

Start in a downward dog position

  • Bring one foot up beside the same sided hand
  • Hold that position for a few seconds
  • Bring foot back to the original position
  • Repeat on the other side and do 4-8 repetitions

Variation :

Add a torso twist by lifting up and back the arm on the same side as the forward leg. Hold for a few seconds and repeat on the other side.


  1. Windscreen

This can be done sitting or lying on your back.

  • Bend knees and place feet on ground, further than hip distance
  • Gently move knees to the left and then right
  • Notice how if the knees can reach the ground and if one hip is tighter than the other

2. Pigeon pose

This will help to stretch the back of the hip. Hold this for 10-20 seconds. Do not try if you have issues with knee instability or knee pain.

3. Forward lunge

Hold this stretch for 10-20 seconds as it stretches the front of the back hip. If you find this too difficult, then try doing this on a step or a stable chair.


Once you have tried the 5 Hip Stretches to help Low Back Pain, then a great way to see how well they have worked, is to re-do the hip rotations and the hip hinge move. They should both be easier.

What if the hips and low back are still painful?

If you are still experiencing pain or stiffness in the low back and hips after trying these stretches, then please consult your local chiropractor. Feel free to contact us or check out our website if you have any questions.

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