The solution to many people’s neck pain

If you suffer from neck pain, shoulder tension/tightness, headaches then have you considered using a Cervical Denneroll? A Cervical Denneroll can help neck pain. In this blog we are going to explain how a cervical Denneroll can help neck pain and what indicators may suggest you need one.

What is the normal side neck curve

Our neck should have a curve that approximates a piece of a circle or the shape of the letter C, this is called a lordosis. 

When we are looking at the neck from the side, a forward curve that measures at 40 degrees is ideal.  It is amazing at the number of people who have a reduced or non existent cervical curve.  

Consequence of abnormal neck curve

Abnormal cervical lordosis can adversely affect nerve, ligament and muscle function contributing to a lot of neck pain symptoms.

Numerous studies have been shown that these adverse effects can be reversed by correcting cervical lordosis. Studies have shown that using the Denneroll can help:

  • Reduce pain down the arm
  • Improve headaches
  • Help chronic neck painThis is where the cervical Denneroll comes in.

Use of a cervical Denneroll 

The cervical Denneroll is part of a curve corrective treatment called Chiropractic BioPhysics (CBP). We use the Denneroll is a part of home care or as part of a traction plan in our office.

This curve corrective orthotic is engineered with specific curves, angles ad ridges to help improve the cervical curve.

Denneroll for all body sizes

It comes in 3 different sizes: for tall or flexible adults (gray Denneroll), average or stiffer adults (white Denneroll), and small adults or pediatric patients (gold Denneroll).

If used consistently for 15-20 minutes daily the Denneroll can be a fantastic tool to help improve cervical lordosis.

Who can prescribe a Denneroll?

The Denneroll must be prescribed by a chiropractor who has been fully trained in prescribing this device. Not all people qualify for its use.

Constant research

The great thing about the Cervical Denneroll and CBPis that there is ongoing research to help provide evidence on the benefits of care. We have included some links to research in the area of pain reduction and curve correction.

Neck pain and tension doesn’t have to be something you live.

3. Research titles and summaries

  1. Denneroll and helping referred arm pain

“Addition of a Sagittal Cervical Posture Corrective Orthotic Device to a Multimodal Rehabilitation Program Improves Short- and Long-Term Outcomes in Patients With Discogenic Cervical Radiculopathy”

2. Denneroll and neck pain relief

“Does improvement towards a normal cervical sagittal configuration aid in the management of cervical myofascial pain syndrome: a 1- year randomized controlled trial”

3. Denneroll and Headache relief

“Does restoration of sagittal cervical alignment improve cervicogenic headache pain and disability: A 2 year pilot randomised controlled trial.”

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