Tips for a Healthy Back these holidays.

How to look after your spine and have a great time on holidays. 8 practical and easy tips for you and the family.

1. Spend hours on your phone /laptop with your head bent over the screen

Just because your on holidays doesn’t mean you can forget to focus on your posture. It’s important when we are using technology to try and have the screen at a neutral position as much as possible. Even better why not try to limit our screen/technology time over the break- use it as a time to switch off.

2.  Sit slumped on the couch

Especially on Christmas day after a big lunch, the tiredness kicks in, but still important to sit with good posture and don’t sit for hours without changing position.

3. Stop exercising/moving your body

Don’t forget to pack your runners if your heading away this holiday season! No matter what you’re doing this Christmas period, try and do something everyday that keeps you active. Doesn’t have to be going to the gym or your usual exercise routine. But put aside 20-30 mins to go for a walk or run, go for a swim especially if the weather is nice or go to a gym class if thats what you prefer. Exercise helps reduce your stress levels and allow you to fit more Christmas pudding in!

4.  Not drink enough water

Important to balance our water and alcohol intake. Remember to drink 2-3 litres If you know you are going to be having alcohol later in the day try to get a lot of water into your body before hand. Drinking adequate water helps to keep muscles more subtle around the spine.

5.  Over-indulge

We are all guilty of this but it’s important to remember that life is about balance. If we have a day of eating our “sometimes” foods, then make sure to balance it the next day with a good intake of fruit and vegetable, providing you with essential nutrients that build healthy nerve and muscle tissues. Give our digestive systems a break.

6.  Stay up all night

Important to still get 7-8 hours sleep during the holiday period Try and be well rested over the break so your not exhausted when you head back to work.

7.  Wear bad/unsupportive shoes

It’s summer( well meant to be, Melbourne weather is saying otherwise). Thongs and sandals tend to be a common footwear choice but its important if you’re out walking or out and about on your feet to wear appropriate supportive footwear. We commonly see patients coming into the practice after Christmas with sore feet and knees after wearing thongs all day.

8. Forget to get your spine checked!

We are open during Christmas and New years and its important to still look after your spinal health during this time. It is a common time for injuries to occur- especially trying out the new toys on Christmas day.

If you’re going away make sure to pop in before you leave and see us when your back, especially with long car trips, plane rides and different beds.

And Don’t forget your pillow or travel pillow when going away.

Britt and Lisa

Errol Street Chiropractic Centre

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