A Patients Perspective – visiting the Chiropractor

Our practice at Errol Street Chiropractic is a busy one. We see many local people with above all  spinal pain on a daily basis. This video I received as a gift from Open Shutter Media. It’s not often one receives a gift like this, it was a wonderful surprise and it shows someone visiting the chiropractor, me. This short video was taken and produced by Open Shutter Media in Melbourne. You’ll see one of our practice members walking to our office in North Melbourne and her whole experience.

You will see some of the exterior of the practice and some internal features too. There are snippets of myself working on a practice member. Often a new patient (practice member) who has never been to a chiropractor, feels unsure about the whole process. Will it hurt, how long will it take, how much does it cost? The experience for this member looks relaxing and pleasant. It was wonderful to see the visit from the practice member’s perspective. 

Above all the filming and the editing and. even the music were perfect. 

Thanks Open Shutter Media. We are a big fan.

Lisa, director

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