Get 10,000 Steps in Today

Rain ☔️ hail or shine 🌞 pop those runners on and get moving and aim to get 10,000 steps in today. Whatever the weather, it’s a wonderful way to have a break from your work and get some movement in your day. More and more people are finding out the benefits of walking more in their day. Above all, they are more relaxed and ready to get on with the rest of the day.

You can track your steps by using the health app on your phone or if you have a Garmin or Fitbit, you can use that.

Walking is a great way to break up your day, whether you are working, studying or having a day off. Get out for that walk today.

What to focus on while walking

  • Posture. Imagine you have a hook in your sternum that’s attached to a beautiful big helium balloon 🎈 and it is gently elongating you. This visualisation technique helps to keep your spine upright.
  • Pull your belly button into your low back to engage that core as you make nice big strides.
  • Nothing. Too often our work and home environments can get busy. Using these walks as a perfect opportunity to just think and enjoy nature.

Doesn’t that feel good!

Fresh air, moving your body (which you are so grateful for) – GOOD TO BE ALIVE!

To add a short 4 minute core exercise routine CLICK HERE.

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