Can you get off Your Chair Hands Free?

If you are sitting for a chunk of your day, you can imagine how many times you get up and down from your chair. Can you get off your chair hands free?  Let us know if you have given it a go. How did you do?

Great if you can, but do watch and listen because you can use the following as an exercise.

Curious now?


If you have tried and having a bit of trouble? Lucky 🍀 you, because we can help.

Try this:

(If you have trouble-make sure there’s a table near by or arm rests in case you need them)

  1. Sit on the front edge of the chair  Make sure you feel stable.
  2. Plant your feet 🦶 under your knees.
  3. Pull your belly button towards your lower back and tense 😬 your gluteal (but) muscles 💪 slightly.
  4. Keep spine upright
  5. Gently push on your heels as you come up, at the same time engage your core and gluteal muscles. It helps if you stick your but out a little. You should aim to engage your inner knee (VA) muscles.

Lots of steps just to get up from your chair!!

If you need to work on these muscles you can PRACTICE. Start with a few each time you get up and work towards 10 repetitions.

And remember, when you come back down on your chair – you can still engage your core, inner knee muscles and hamstrings.

Happy 😃 getting up and down from your chair today!

PS if you need to work on your core, CLICK HERE or VA (inner knees) muscles, CLICK HERE.

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