Take a 30 Minute Desk Break

If your job involves sitting, or your relaxing, how often are YOU getting up?  Are you getting up off your chair often enough. And how often should you get up? Most of you are probably shaking your head and have been meaning to break more and take a regular 30 minute desk break.

Good questions. We are going to be answering just those questions in the short video above and in our blog below.

Aim to;

  • get up every 30 minutes
  • walk around/stretch/march on the spot
  • add some stretches to 1-2 breaks in your day. For a 5 minute stretch routine, CLICK HERE.

FREE Straighten Up Australia App.

To help YOU set your reminders so you can have a 30 minute desk break, try using the Straighten Up Australia App. It’s FREE and not only can you set a break reminder, it has some great 👍 spinal and neck stretches that you can do in your break! Stretch and take a break, all at once!! How nice are you 🥳 to yourself.

CLICK HERE for more information about getting the app on your device.


Why get up? Will I get my work done with all these breaks I hear you ask.

1. Moving your body will wake you up and stimulate your brain 🧠 It will turn up that prefrontal cortex, getting you thinking 💭 better. MOVEMENT WAKES YOU UP!

2. Gets pressure off your low back. It’s not hard to imagine what part of your back takes the load when sitting. Correct, your low back. To help to reduce the load on your low back, stand up. As a consequence, standing transfers the weight of your body down the legs. Giving your low back a break!

3. Rest your eyes 👀 from your computer/phone/book.


Comment below – let us know how you go. Message us if you have any questions.

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