Phone Posture Assessment

How would you describe your posture while on the phone? Is it in line with keeping a spine neutral (that Switzerland 🇨🇭 spine).  As with most postures, we are not aware of them until pain and suffering occurs. If you have issues around neck and shoulders, then a great place to start is with your phone posture. We go through a simple assessment to help you become more aware of what to look out for and only once is occurs, can you improve on your phone posture.

Let’s remember the following today;

  •  keep shoulders over hips
  • keep ears over shoulders
  • bring eyes 👀 up to phone 📲
  • smile

Parents  This is a great opportunity if you have children and teenagers at home that have poor phone posture, to help them using a third party. Going through this 31 day posture challenge can be a fun way (perhaps an incentive at the end if they improve some postural habits) to give them help they need.

BUT first start with you. Is your posture a good example to those around you? Perhaps get someone close to you to take a photo of you on the phone. It’s important you do not expect to be photographed, otherwise your true posture will not be revealed. If you do have some areas to work on, then be honest with the children and work on the areas you all need to improve on together.

Here is a handy tool for the whole family that is FREE. It’s an app from the Chiropractic Association of Australia, called Straighten Up Australia. CLICK HERE for more information. 

Wondering how well your spine is moving? CLICK HERE to see if you can complete these 5 spinal movements.

None of us are perfect. Love to see more of you commenting below on how you are going with your phone posture assessment. 

Are you picking up anything in your day that surprises you about your posture?

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