Do you have Rocks in your Backpack?

Lisa is chatting about ENERGY.  (Promise she will explain the connection, between energy and posture.) How much better would you feel with more than energy? Energy is likened to currency for your HEALTH. Try to get through your day with minimal energy. What would your exercise look like? Your emotions? Work output? Interactions with others? Do have rocks in your back pack – is that what daily life feels like?

Not good! 

Lisa looks at the 3 “ROCKS” in your backpack of health.

Ideally, rocks are not good in our backpack, as they slow us down and make us work harder. An unnecessary load. To improve your energy and health then it’s important to get rid of the ROCKS. And not to STRESS your body in the wrong way.

These 3 things, if not looked after, in a way that is genetically congruent with the human species will ‘weigh’ down this backpack, add load and stress to our body and have a negative impact in our health. These will weigh you down, like rocks in your backpack of life..

3 areas in life that can add ‘rocks’ to our backpack

  • physical, this includes POSTURE
  • chemical, including food
  • emotional

Each of the above, if they become stressed or are not good for us, will reduce our energy, which is our currency for optimal HEALTH. What are you putting into your backpack? Then she empties her ‘life rocks’ and looks at the what rocks can end up in the posture backpack.

What’s in the posture backpack?

Hopefully nothing.

If there is, it means that the following are adding strain and stress to your physical body:

  • sitting
  • standing
  • laying down

It is important to look after YOU. Being aware of your posture, practicing ideal NEUTRAL (Switzerland) posture will help you improve your ENERGY. So please, let us know how you enjoyed this PROS Posture Month, what you learned, what you will continue to practice.

Together, we can get rid of those rocks.

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Lisa Smycz, director