Parents Home Schooling – Don’t get a Twist

Parents home schooling, if your small children need your attention with home schooling
your LOW BACK starting to get sore and cranky, then we have some fabulous tip for you.

It’s been the barrage of cases we have had in our office lately, where parents that have not normally suffered with back pain, are now complaining – this has sparked me to share with you.

What have our Chiropractors Noticed in our Office?

Britt and l realised that a contributing factor is the twisting when sitting  beside their child 🧒 while home schooling.

This twist will over time, cause strain and stress to the muscles 💪 and joints of the low back and pelvis. Sustained poor, unbalanced posture can lead to inflammation and possibly PAIN. Below we go through a handful of tips that will help to minimise the strains on your back, and keep the whole family happy.

So what do you about it?

Well you can’t stop 🛑 teaching your child, however you can adjust your sitting posture.

  • sit for the morning on one side , then swap to the other side of your child in the afternoon
  • try standing at the desk if a sit/St sand set up is available
  • get up in between classes and stretch. Encourage your child to stretch too. Maybe you can make a game of it-see who can come up with the funniest 😆 stretch of the day. Get creative and have some fun during school hours.
  • get outside during break times. Important to move your body and that will help to get everyone’s ‘sillies’ out and stimulate the brain 🧠 for the next school period.

If you need more information on other possible causes of low back pain, CLICK HERE. Here is a 30 minute spinal flexibility and core workout by Dr. Lisa. CLICK HERE.

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Lisa Smycz, director