How to do Dead Lifts with Dr. Lisa, chiropractor

Dead lifts are a great all rounder. Working the legs and core and helping with your posture. In this video I show you some important dead lift tips to keep in mind when doing dead lifts.

Keep in mind I am in my mid fifties, so when are you too old to do deadlifts? I don’t know!

Top dead lift tips:

  1. FEET. Have feet about hip width apart with mid foot under the bar. Do want to find your strong standing position, so each person will vary a bit here. Have the bar close to your shins.
  2. HOLD BAR. As you hold the bar, keep your spine neutral and hinge from your hips. Look straight ahead.
  3. COMING UP. Chest is out and feet are slightly turned out. Engage your lats and glutes.
  4. STRAIGHTENING UP. Continue up as you push through your heels and engage your hamstring muscles. As you approach vertical, make sure you bring shoulders back and down as you fully straighten up. DO NOT extend yourself backwards, keep a straight spine.
  5. ON WAY DOWN. Keep bar close to your shins and keep a neutral spine.

If you have any pain then please try a lighter weight. I suggest you start with the bar alone (usually weighs 20 kilos) and practice and/or warm up with that before your do some deadlifts.

If you have any questions, please reach out, we always love to hear from you.

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Lisa, director