Check out your Neck Movement : MOBILITY MONTH Week 1 Task 1

When people come in to our office with neck problems, we often find they will have stiffness in their neck. We’ll hear comments like ‘I didn’t realise I didn’t have full neck movement’ and ‘wow – how differently one side moves to the other’.

In this video we look at checking neck ranges of movement. In our next video we will give you some stretches to help any neck stiffness you felt. 

1. What should you expect

These are the movements that we check:

  • Neck flexion (forward bending) 60 degrees
  • Neck extension (backward bending) 50 degrees
  • Rotation (turning) 90 degrees each side
  • Lateral flexion (side bending) 40 degrees each side

2. Try each of these movements above (preferably in front of the mirror)

  • How even each movement is
  • Can you meet the ideal range of movement
  • Is there pain with the movement
  • Does the movement feel stiff and sore

3. Check your posture

When you are checking your movement it is important your posture is neutral. What will happen if you are rounding your shoulders or not sitting or standing upright, is that this poor posture will reduce your ability to move well.

4. Try this

Round your shoulders and bring your head forward. Try turning your head left and right. Now assume better posture and try again rotating your neck – you will notice how much easier it is to move now.



In this blog we share some simple exercises to help jaw pain CLICK HERE. Find out what posture can affect neck pain CLICK HERE.

If you feel your neck is stiff and you would like some stretches to help, see our next video.

After having tried these stretches for a period of time and the problem persists then give your local musculoskeletal expert a call.

Lisa, chiropractor

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