Mobility Month Week 1 Task 2 Neck Stretches

Sitting for prolonged periods of time and using mobile phones and other hand held devices can place stress and strain on your neck. Over time, this can cause stiffness in the neck and upper back. In this blog we share 5 easy ways to stretch your neck.

In this task we go through ways to stretch the neck to help increase movement and flexibility. Remember at all times when trying these stretches, maintain a neutral posture where your ear is sitting over the mid point of the shoulder.

1. Hook Stretch

This awareness exercise is great to help gain and maintain a neutral posture.

Imagine you have a hook in your sternum that is linked to a big helium balloon above. Feel the gentle elongating pull from the balloon pulling upwards. Aim to do this several times during the day.

2. Range of Movement Stretching

The movements that you went through in the first task can be used to warm up the neck. Areas that are feeling tight can be stretched by using gentle, one fingered pressure to push the neck further into the movement. Hold for 20 seconds and always do both sides if rotation and side bending are an issue.

3. Sitting and Stretching neck

Place your hand under your buttock and stretch the trapezius and scalene muscles. Hold each stretch 20 seconds and repeat both sides.

  1. Allow neck to side bend to the opposite side to the anchored hand. You can use a finger to add more stretch. Be gentle.
  2. Bring head back towards the opposite side and feel the stretch in the front and side of the neck
  3. Bring head down and towards the opposite hip. Feel a stretch at the back and side of the neck.

4. Pectoral Stretch

We find that people with stiff necks often round their shoulders, so this stretch is aimed at loosening the pectoral muscles at the front of the chest.

Stand with elbow inside a door frame, arm horizontal to ground. Gently lean forward and feel the stretch in the front of the chest. Lift elbow up and repeat. Do on the other side and hold each stretch for 20 seconds.

5. Shoulder rolls


REMEMBER; Any stretch that aggravates your neck or shoulders, please check your technique and if the pain is still there on correction, then stop. Let your practitioner know. Prize drawn mid April 2021, one winner only. 

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Lisa, chiropractor


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