There is no doubt working out can make you hungry, but what is best for our body to get the full benefit from the exercise. We often get asked this question in our office – should I eat before or after a workout.

The answer is really dependent on the a few factors, so let’s consider the main ones.

Firstly it is dependent on the time of day that your are exercising and also the type of exercise you are doing. 

Morning exercise

If it’s in the morning some find it better to workout on an empty stomach. This can be optimal for people and then refuel after exercise. Or some find a light snack before (an hour or more before) exercise as it helps to give them some energy and then to have a full meal afterwards. 

Afternoon exercise

If you are someone who prefers to workout in the afternoon then it’s advisable to have eaten 2-3hrs before your workout. 

Eat one hour after exercise

The important window for nutrition is an hour after exercise to help with recover and replenish energy stores. Including nutrient dense foods such as quality protein, vegetables and good fats. Good quality fats can include extra virgin olive oil (raw, not cooked) coconut oil and grass fed butter.  Including foods that are high in vitamin C will help with tissue repair, such foods include red peppers and kiwi fruit.


As mentioned this is all dependent on the individual and what your wanting to get out of your exercise. 

Ultimately it’s important to consume proper nutrition after your workout to aid your recovery and replenish your body’s fuel resources.


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