Protein Powder when Exercising? Should you bother?

Whether you use protein powder when exercising is a common question we get asked by patients in the practice.  So should you be considering a protein powder when exercising,  especially when they are increasing the intensity of their exercise or starting a new exercise program? 

Protein Powders are NOT a meal replacement

Firstly the use of protein powder should never replace a balanced diet. You should always aim to get majority of your protein form a food source and try to incorporate a protein in all of your meals, breakfast, lunch and dinner. However, protein powder can be used as a supplement to help you increase your protein intake. 

Reasons for Protein Powders

  1. Weight loss.This is a time when a protein shake can be as a meal replacement and is great in a smoothie for breakfast. An option for people who are trying to lose weight and incorporate appropriate amounts of protein into diet.
  2. Muscle building and repair. Ideal in fuel replenishment and muscle mass gain with higher intensity exercise.

What do you look for in a Protein Powder?

It’s important that when looking to use a protein powder that you do research on the product and choose a protein powder that is as natural as possible and doesn’t have too many nasties. Do your homework and remember to factor in the reason why you are using a protein powder when exercising. 

The takeaway message is to always build your diet with nutritious protein sources and use protein powder as a supplement when it’s healthy and convenient. 

As chiropractors we aim to give you the best advice to help you lead a healthy lifestyle. 

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