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Good Posture – starts here

When new patients visit our office, we get them to download this posture sheet called : Get working on your POSTURE.  

Getting the best results is important for us and our practice members. But nothing changes if nothing changes.

A thorough assessment

After your chiropractor discusses your current spinal health concerns, the next step is to find out if and how chiropractic can help. A thorough, in depth assessment helps us to determine how well the spine is moving and how your posture compares to the neutral. Your chiropractor will let you know if they feel they can help and may refer you out for X-rays.

A plan

Once your chiropractor has gathered all your spinal health test results, they will sit you down and discuss with you the findings and the their best recommendation for care. These recommendations will include a ‘get working on your posture’ sheet on the second or third visit, as well as specific home exercises, corrective home orthotics and an in office sleep posture assessment, over subsequent visits.


Having more awareness around posture is one of the keys to your spinal health improving beyond purely symptom relief. We start with simple reminders around::

  • forward head posture
  • sideways posture
  • sleep posture
  • sitting and standing posture


With all new habits in our lives, we know that the key to getting the best outcome is to have reminders around us. This may look like a Post-it on your computer to get up often or setting regular reminders to get up and move on your phone.

Repetition is the key

There’s no easy way to get your spine healthy again. It does take time, an increase in your body awareness and repetition of these good habits. Over time, like any new habit, you won’t have to think about it – all these great habits around your posture will be normal and just a part of your normal daily life.

Download the Posture Sheet Here

Click HERE –> ESCC – Get working on your posture for the download – Get working on your posture to download the sheet and get working on your posture

The Australian Chiropractors Association has a free App called Straighten up Australia. CLICK HERE. If you would like to know more about what front on posture should look like CLICK HERE.  Find out how to assess side posture, please CLICK HERE.

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