Your Spine’s JOB description

Looking after your spinal health will be easier, if you understand if your SPINE is doing it’s THREE JOBS.

What are these three jobs:

1/. Support:

One of the primary functions of the spine is to provide structural support for the body. Think of the framework of a house. The spine helps maintain an upright posture and distribute the weight of the head, upper body, and lower body evenly. The vertebrae of the spine, are designed to withstand the compressive forces generated by gravity and movement, as long as the structure of the spine is balanced.

PROBLEMS occur when the structure of the spine has altered and the spine is no longer balanced. If there’s a shift in the front to back alignment of the spine, such a scoliosis/kinks, OR, a shift in the side curves, such as a loss or increase in the normal curves, then uneven pulling and stress in muscles, joints, discs and ligaments can lead to pain and stiffness.

2/. Movement:

Another important job of the spine is to facilitate movement. The vertebrae in the spine work together to allow for a wide range of movements, including bending, twisting, and turning. The spinal discs, help absorb shock and provide flexibility.

PROBLEMS with stiffness or STUCK joints, affects the flexibility in that particular area and will, if not corrected, create compensations in the other areas of spine, above or below.

3/. Protecting the nervous system:

The spine also plays a crucial role in protecting the nervous system. The spinal cord, runs through the centre of the spine, from the neck to the base of the spine, and is responsible for transmitting messages between the brain and the rest of the body and back again. The vertebrae of the spine provide protection of the spinal cord, helping to shield it from injury or damage. Additionally, the spinal nerves that branch off from the spinal cord pass through small openings in the vertebrae, allowing them to communicate with the various parts of the body.

When does the SPINE NOT protect the Nervous System?

If the spine is misaligned and/or not restricted in certain areas, then this will have an impact on how well the nervous system is transmitting messages from the spinal cord to the body and then back again.

For OPTIMAL HEALTH, the nerves need to be interference free and not be impaired by restricted (STUCK) joints and abnormal kinks and in the alignments.


If our assessment reveals any changes to the spinal curves and spinal joint movement, then our job is to improves these. A spine that is functioning properly, will keep the nervous system to communicate freely and keep you healthy.

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Lisa, director