How well can you MOVE your HIPS?

If you have hip tension or would like more mobility in your hips, then in this blog we go through a hip mobility test, the 90/90 posture. You can find out exactly what your hip mobility is like with this test. Sitting for long periods of time can cause tension in the hips, so hop up and try these movements.

Can you get into the 90/90?

While sitting on a yoga mat, bend both knees and place feet flat on the ground. As you separate knees apart bend them 90 degrees at the knees and bring them onto the ground. Can you do that?

If you have trouble with this move then go onto the next section that will help to isolate the movement you are having trouble with.

Isolate each Hip Movement

In the video we do these movement standing to find out if your hips are 100% mobile. Try the following moves and if you feel your balance is too challenged, have a wall or chair near by.

1. Flexion : 110-120 degrees

Stand next to a chair in case you need to use it for stability. Bring one leg straight out in front of you, while keeping your low back still. Can you flex the hip to 110 degrees? If you find this move difficult, is there pain in your hip? What is the movement like on the other side?

2. Extension : 10-15 degrees

While standing bring one leg backwards, remembering to keep pelvis and low back still. You should be able to get 10-15 degrees of movement backward. Is the movement ideal or are you feeling pain and discomfort? How about the other leg?

3. Abduction: 30 degrees  Adduction: 30-50 degrees

Stand up and bring one leg across the body towards the other leg, this is known as adduction. You should be able to get approximately 30 degrees of movement. With the opposite movement, where the leg is brought out to the side, abduction, the movement should be around 30-50 degrees. Was there pain or restriction with any of these moves?

4. Internal rotation : 30-40 degrees External rotation: 50-60 degrees

Hold onto a chair or wall as you stand up. Flex one knee up and then internally rotate your hip, can you get 30-40 degrees movement? Externally rotate the hip. Can you get 50-60 degrees of movement and then try the other leg, observing any signs of stiffness or pain.


If you do have restrictions with your hip mobility, the we suggest you try our stretches in our next video. Any continuing issues, then see your musculoskeletal expert.

Lisa, chiropractor

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