Do you Pass the Sit to Stand posture Test?

One of the important factors in keeping your low back healthy is to maintain core strength. If you are suffering with low back issues, then you can test yourself by doing this Sit to Stand posture test. It is a functional test that looks at your core strength, leg strength and balance.

What to do?

  1. Sit on a chair with no arm rests, however, if you don’t feel comfortable standing up without pushing on arm rests, then get a chair with arm rests.
  2. Don’t sit to the back of the chair and sit with feet flat on the ground.
  3. Cross arms over chest if you are confident you can get up without pushing on arm rests.
  4. Put pressure on your heels and keep your spine upright while you stand up.

How did you go?

To pass the test:

You would have got up without wobbling and your spine would remain up right.

Did you have trouble?

If you felt you need an arm rest to get up then you may need to do some core strengthening exercises. A wobble on rising may indicate that your legs could be weak and need strengthening.

What about sitting down?

Try sitting down without using your arms. How did you go with that, was it easy? If you found you could lower yourself slowly into the chair then you have good core stability. A ‘plonk’ in the chair may indicate that your core and leg strength need some work.

Can you Use this Sit to Stand as an exercise?

Definitely a great idea to use the act of getting up and down from a chair as an exercise. If you are feeling weak in your legs and core, then start by using a cushion on the chair, and once that feels easy then take the cushion away.

Do 5-10 reps 2-3 times a day.

What if there is Pain?

If you feel pain on getting up and down from the chair, you may have some stiffness in the joints of your low back, pelvis or hips. Making an appointment to see your local musculoskeletal expert to assess your posture would be our recommended advice.

Lisa, chiropractor

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