Challenge your Hip Mobility

The challenge today is to see how well you can move those HIPS!! So how is your hip mobility?

Dr. Lisa is a chiropractor in North Melbourne, Victoria. In this short video, she is going through some hip mobility stretches that most active people should be able to do.

Give it a go….

Create a bit of space around you and try ;

  1. Lunging
  2. Opening up hips
  3. Wind mill move

What activities effect hip mobility?

If you’re sitting for hours in your day, the hips can get stiff and tight, and furthermore it can impact the health and flexibility of your LOW BACK. Limit the following activities:

  • sitting at the desk for more than 3o minutes without a break
  • relaxing on the couch in a slouched posture
  • not exercising adequately in the day
  • standing on one leg more than the other

Be mindful

When trying these moves to check your hip mobility, is best to keep in mind the following when trying these moves;

  • the ease of performing each moves
  • is there pain or stiffness
  • and lastly, does one side feel more comfortable than the other

If you find any restrictions or stiffness:

  • aim to do 5-10 reps a day of each of the moves and see if over a 2 week period, there is an improvement
  • if, after trying the stretches for a period of time, as suggested, and there is still no change, then consider ☎️ calling your local chiropractor

This video is part of a series done over the December, leading up to Christmas 2023.

Keep moving everyone!

Lisa Smycz

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