Need to find an answer to your neck problem?

Persistent neck issues could be due to a few reasons, in fact, we often see all three going on in the same time. This blog may be of interest to you if you are finding that regular stretching is not fixing the problem.

These 3 problems can result in Persistent NECK issues:

1. Structural shifts

Such as a loss of normal forward neck curve, or even worse, a reversal. Other structural shifts are side tilts in the neck or even a scoliosis.

2 Stiff or stuck joints.

Chiropractors refer to these as subluxations. These create restrictions in movement and over time, alter curves, create muscle imbalance and inflammatory effects. Ouch😓 !!

3. Muscle imbalances.

Weakness and hyperactivity in muscles 💪 can lead to chronic neck pain, often due to poor postural habits.

How can we help? 3 pronged approach

A full spinal assessment will determine if any of the 3 issues mentioned above are the root cause of your neck problem.

1.CBP  If there is a loss or change in curve, we apply the multimodal approach of the Chiropractic BioPhysics (CBP).

This is the most researched area in curve correction, and uses;

  • traction, in office using the Denneroll table or at home, using the cervical Denneroll
  • mirror image adjustment (gentle work to encourage the curves to move close to the ideal)
  • neuromuscular rehabilitation exercises to assist in muscle rebalance, to help improve structural changes2

2. Adjustments For the ‘stuck’ joints we apply gentle adjustments to the joints to help improve the joint flexibility.

3. Muscle imbalance. Muscle strengthening exercises and specific stretches are applied where necessary.

Also, it’s important to assess what areas of daily life, whether at rest or play, are potentially adding stress and strain to the neck. Assessing work place set ups, pillows and sleep 💤 posture, for example, are very important to ensure we’re getting the best results!

At the end of the day, that’s what it’s all about!

Need help with your neck?

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Lisa Smycz, director and principal chiropractor at Errol Street Chiropractic Centre

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