A visit to Rose Creek Estate, Melbourne

Dr. Lisa, chiropractor visits Lina Siciliano at Rose Creek Estate, just 30 minutes out of Melbourne. We start by picking the vegetables 🍆 🍅 that go into this vegetarian dish. You will be amazed how simple it is – Lina shows you how to cook eggplant parmigiana from start to finish.

Then we (Lina really) cooks. I eat at the end – someone has to eat it!!🤣

Lina shows you how to make this delicious dish step by step.

  • how to prepare the eggplant
  • making the sauce
  • cooking the eggplant
  • what’s the best pasta 🍝 to use.
  • what’s the special ingredient she pops on top

I love ❤️ this little lady! She and her husband use ancient traditional Italian methods of making the purest olive oil (that’s won awards too!) in my opinion, in Australia!! They are nearly self sufficient on their several acres of land. Lina was super excited to show us how to cook eggplant parmigiana. 

Devoted to Italian Tradition

They turn down developers every day as they stay true to their core values of living their best life.

I admire them and love the traditions they keep. As a Calabrese myself, it resonates with me deeply.

Eating well, getting sunlight, moving your body are wonderful ways to live a healthy and happy life. They do that at Rose Creek Estate! Lina and Tony do that masterfully here in suburban Melbourne.


Let me know if you try making this dish. It really is super delicious, and if you want to buy their oil, you can try on line.

Happy cooking!

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Lisa, director