What’s Dr. Britt, chiropractor, doing to keep FIT in lockdown?

‘This lockdown period has completely thrown out my normal routine when it comes to exercise’, says Dr. Britt. She is sharing with you all what she does to keep fit in lockdown, this time around. We have found that more and more people are asking us what we are doing to stay moving, as all exercise classes, pilates and yoga studios and gyms are shut. 

‘In some ways I actually think I’m doing more with being able to access classes online. We get asked a lot on how we have been maintaining an exercise routine so I thought I would share with you how I’ve adapted to keeping active at home. ‘ she continues.

Britt has definitely been making the most of it and using the following avenues to help her stay strong and fit:

  • on line exercise classes from her pilates studio
  • Therabands
  • yoga mat

It does take motivation to keep going with exercising in these interesting times of 2020, however we do hope that sharing Britt’s exercise story may assist you.

Keep moving everyone.

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Lisa, director

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