Sore Neck /Tight Shoulders? Don’t do this exercise

If you are sitting for a large part of the day then you may find yourself exercising to get some movement into your body. Areas that people commonly complain about if sitting for hours in the day are the shoulder and neck area. It’s important that if this sounds like you that you listen to what Dr. Britt, chiropractor has to say about the one type of exercise that can aggravate stiff and sore shoulders.

We advise patients that when they are tight or suffering from a sore neck to avoid using weights above your head as this tends to load the neck and shoulders and create further neck pain and tension. 

So if you are somebody who loves a good weights session especially working the upper body – we advise to do more movements in the front of the body and avoid those over head movements with weights. 


  • try the movements without the weights
  • introduce different exercises in front or side of body

  work with more functional/ body weight movements within pain threshold

What else can you do:

  • flexibility work by introducing stretches
  • roll out shoulders/ upper back

If you would like further advise on some exercises you could do while your resolving a sore neck then send us a private message. Seeing a Chiropractor, osteopath or physiotherapist can help with by assessing joint function and if a problem is present, work on resolving it.

Find out what daily posture aggravates neck pain and shoulder tension,  CLICK HERE. Try this stretch if you have tight shoulders,CLICK HERE.

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Lisa, director

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