Not getting results with ARM Pain? Is it a Posture issue?

Have you had referred pain down your arm? Seen a several practitioners and put through a series of tests to result in no answers to the arm pain? It could be a postural issue. Too many times this particular posture is missed and today we are here to shed some light on it. 

In our office we see people who have gone through just that. Lots of tests and after seeing a bunch of people, they are no wiser in what is actually going on with them.

Does this sound like you?

Often we find that the problem is a postural one. This are the postural changes that they present with:

  • Forward head carriage (FHC) This is where the head, that should normally sit on top of the shoulders is now sitting in front of the shoulders, placing strain and stress to the lower neck
  • Rounding of shoulders. Look around you at any time. How many people are looking up? More and more people spend a large chunk of the day on their phones, laptops and other devices that cause them to round their shoulders forward.

In Thoracic Outlet Syndrome both these postures are commonly seen with people not getting results with arm pain treatment. 

How do you know if you have ‘Thoracic Outlet Syndrome’

This condition is diagnosed if we find that the above described posture is present, the rounded shoulders and the forward head posture, and if all other causes have been eliminated.  As chiropractors we commence work on the correcting posture and neck function after having ruled out nerve involvement.

 What can you do to help yourself

Start by becoming more aware of your posture.  The next step is implementing sound ergonomics around sitting, standing and laying down. Maintaining good postures will help with 

Visiting a chiropractor or osteopath could your next consideration if the arm pain remains even after implementing the above postural changes. These practitioners will evaluate your posture and spinal health and find out if thoracic outlet syndrome is a possibility and design a treatment plan to help.

Any questions, please comment below and remember to pass this on to someone else with similar issues.

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Lisa, CBP certified chiropractor

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Lisa, CBP certified chiropractor