Scott, our Remedial Massage Therapist at Errol Street Chiropractic Centre in North Melbourne is going to teach how to stretch the anterior and lateral deltoid muscles in the shoulders and the subscapularis.

The muscles being focused on in this videos are important postural muscles for the shoulders three stretches for the two of the three bands of muscle fibres for the deltoid and the subscapularis muscle. These muscles are often ignored and can get tight causing postural problems with the shoulders.

  1. Anterior Deltoid: The hands are placed behind the back raising them up to around the middle back where it is comfortable, then pushing the chest out to give that stretch through the front of the deltoid. Hold for 30 seconds each side
  2. Lateral Deltoid; Bringing one arm across the body keeping it pinned to the chest using your other arm to grab hold just above the elbow and gently pulling across the body. Hold for 30 seconds each side
  3. .Subscapularis stretch: Holding a broom, golf club a towel or whatever is available to you. Holding one arm out at 90 degrees with the elbow bent. Towel hanging down, other arm goes behind the back to grab the bottom of the towel and pulls the arm into external rotation Hold for 30 seconds each side.

PLEASE NOTE: As with all stretches these shouldn’t cause any pain, and if you’re feeling pain you should stop stretching immediately.