Straddle CHAIR as a SITTING option

A straddle chair, also known as a straddle stool, is designed to allow you to sit in a straddled position, similar to sitting on a horse saddle.  This type of sitting, provides an alternative to sitting in a traditional chair, whether at home or in the office. In this blog we will explore the benefits of straddle chair on your posture.

Benefits of Straddle Chair…

1. Improved Posture:

Straddle chairs encourage you to sit in a more upright posture and helps to maintain a neutral spine. This upright posture assists in preventing a slouched position and reduces the likelihood or neck, shoulder and back pain.

2.  Core Activation:

Sitting on a straddle chair engages core muscle activation, maintaining balance and stability. A strong core is vital for a healthy spine. Sitting on a straddle chair, allows low activation of core muscles, contributing to improved overall spinal health.

3. Reduced Back Pain:

By promoting ideal spinal alignment, straddle chairs helps to use core muscles, instead of a straining the spine by slouching. Poor sitting posture places unnecessary strain on spinal joints, often leading to inflammation in joints, discs and nerves. This excess load on the spine, over time, leads to spinal pain and chronic back issues.

4. Increased Mobility:

The design of straddle chairs, allows the user to easily shift body weight from one side to the other, or backwards and forwards, promoting greater mobility and flexibility while sitting. As musculoskeletal practitioners, we encourage people using straddle chairs to take a break every 30 minutes. Increased mobility is one of the major benefits of straddle chair for your posture.

Straddle chairs have several potential benefits, however, not everyone will find these chairs comfortable or suitable. Other options to consider, include a sit/stand desk, kneeling chair or an ergonomic chair. It is best to consult your musculoskeletal expert to find the best chair to suit your needs.

Lisa Smycz

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