Is there a link between POSTURE and PERFORMANCE?

This research looks at the link between POSTURE and exercise PERFORMANCE in athletes. The project tested 100 college athletes and compared how abnormal shifts in posture, impacted their overall performance.

Postural changes detected:

  • side shifts in the trunk
  • pelvic shifts
  • forward head posture

How posture impacts performance:

What we know is that when it comes to athletic performance, getting the edge is important. With posture, if there is a deviation in the front to back or from the side, then this will impact the tension in muscles and ligaments. Uneven tension will effect how efficient the muscles and joints are activated. More importantly the imbalance loads up joints and tissues, impacting the likelihood of future injuries.

Balance is posture is important and this research paper gives us some valuable insight into how important it is.

Areas of performance impacted:

And found that those athletes with postural disturbances, did not fair as well with the following:

  • cardiovascular and pulmonary performance
  • vertical lift
  • balance, statically and dynamically
  • sprinting

Is there help for Postural Shifts?

Chiropractic BioPhysics (CBP) is an area of spinal health that assesses and improves spinal alignment with a multimodal approach. CBP can provide benefit and help bridge that link between POSTURE and PERFORMANCE. This often includes, mirror image adjustment, Denneroll traction and neuromuscular rehabilitation exercises.

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Research Link:

The paper was published in the Journal of Clinical Medicine, a peer reviewed, high quality scientific journal.

Lisa Smycz

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