DO YOU SIT MOST OF THE DAY? Stretches to ease stiff back at the desk while sitting

Most of us know that sitting is not the best position for our spinal health. We often find ourselves sitting to work, eat and also to relax with a book or device. However it is sometimes difficult to avoid. In this video we go through some tips to  ease stiff back pain at the desk. 

We of our may have sitting jobs or spend a lot of time travelling or on our phones, so avoiding sitting may be difficult for most of us. The other problem is that even when we are exercising for an hour or so a day, we are still sitting for 6-8 hours. Adding some stretches during your breaks are a great and easy way of not allowing the stiffness to build up in the low back. 

What happens when we sit too long?

Too much sitting can aggravate back conditions or at minimum, stiffen up shoulders, upper back, mid back and lower back areas. Shoulders can round, the mid back can hunch and the curve in the lower back can be lost when we sit too long. Getting up and stretching helps to reset our posture as it reduces the load on our low back. It can only take a few minutes a couple of times a day – the results will be surprising. Give it a go and let us know how you feel. These exercises will help to ease stiff back while sitting at the desk.

Dr. Lisa, chiropractor, has taken a visit to Yoga Flame in Moonee Ponds to ask yoga expert, Emma, to help those of you who do sit too long.

She has put together a wonderful few minute video routine to do at your desk, or at home. 

Aim to do the stretches 2-3 times a day and if you experience any pain (other than a gentle stretch) then stop and see your practitioner.

We go through:

  • Neck stretches
  • Mid and low back rotations
  • Unwinding shoulders
  • Side stretches                                                                                                                                          
  •   And a wonderful de-stressing breathing exercise to finish off.