Getting back into exercise after the Holidays

It’s a new year and a lot of us have set New Years resolutions or goals that involve getting back into exercise after a long break. We help with the following tips so you can get back into it and enjoy the process more.

These will help you avoid injury and ease your body back into exercise, helping you achieve those goals faster.

1. Start off with Core and Gluteal activation.

This is important to make sure the right muscle groups are activating. It’s a nice gentle way to start your workout and you will get so much more out of your exercise when your core, including your gluteal muscles are strong and switched on. Click here for our core activation video and click here for our gluteal activation video. You can use these videos as a pre workout warm up or incorporate into your exercise program.

2. Stretch after your workout.

Make sure to set aside 10 minutes at the end of your session to cool down and stretch your body. Even adding a couple of yoga sessions to your weekly routine is very beneficial to help with mobility and flexibility. 

3. Have rest days.

It’s a good idea to make sure your body has time to recover between sessions, so don’t overdo it. If you did an intense workout make sure to take it easy the next day or schedule a rest day between workouts. Have days with walking/yoga to break up the exercising. Keeping hydrated is very important, as is magnesium, to help with muscle recovery. 


These 3 tips are a reminder of what you may already know, so if it is, that is great and if not then glad you found out blog. We hope you have found these tips beneficial and it will help you on your journey to achieving good results and sticking to your workout goals as you get back into exercise.

Click here to try this 20 minute holiday exercise program for the whole family. For a 5 minute core activation video Click Here.

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