Putting your Shoes on Could Help Low Back Pain at the DESK

We are finding more people than ever coming in with low back pain, even those that have never had low back pain before. The piece of attire we are talking about are SHOES. Wearing shoes can help low back pain when sitting.

As far fetched as this sounds, read on and it will make complete sense. In fact you may be missing this yourself when it comes to posture and low back pain.

With more people working and studying at home then the one of the things is that many people aren’t wearing are shoes. How shoes translates into posture issues and lower back pain is that by not wearing them people often find themselves sitting on one foot or perhaps cross legged. Sitting on one leg (more one than the other) can cause a twist the spine and aggravate or strain in the lower back.

On a similar note sitting cross legged doesn’t allow for a good lower back alignment either. The only way to prevent poor lower limb posture and hence low back pain when sitting, is to sit properly.

Awkward postures like these may also strain knees, hips and ankles. Even the neck and mid back may suffer.

What to do

– Even if you have a standing desk, then not wearing shoes doesn’t help your spinal stability. A pair of good quality runners with shock absorption will create some cushioning between the ground and your body. If you have orthotics then wearing good shoes will mean you get that added postural benefit. 

– So wear shoes, in fact get dressed. Getting dressed for desk work helps not only your back, but helps you get into the right frame of mind.

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Lisa, director

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