In the last video we went through the Apley’s Scratch test and Wall Angel to assess  shoulder mobility. If restrictions are felt in the shoulder then try the following ways to increase shoulder mobility. 

1. Warm up

Use a Theraband or a broom handle to gently warm up the shoulder girdle. Stand with feet shoulder width apart. While gently pulling your belly button to your lower back, rest  the band or broom onto your upper chest. Lift up band or broom over head and bring it behind your neck. Repeat 10 times.

2. Scapular clock

Stand with straightened arms, elbows facing up, hands touching the wall, and feet shoulder width apart. Retract and detract shoulder blades slowly, then lift and lower them. Then make a circle with your shoulders going firstly forward then backwards. Spend about 60 seconds doing this exercise. This exercise is one of the most important ways to increase shoulder mobility. 

3. Foam Roller

Place the roller under your mid back. Gently roll upwards towards your upper back. Any areas that are feeling tighter, you may linger there for a few seconds.

4. Spikey Ball

A small spikey ball can be used to self massage the pectoral muscles. These muscles at the front of the chest often become tense with poor posture and excessive sitting. 30 seconds on each side may help to improve posture and relax these muscles.

5. Lat dorsi and Triceps stretch

Hold on to the edge desk or bench and with straightened arms hinge from the hips and feel the stretch down the side of the body (Latissimus Dorsi) and the back of the arms (tricpes). Hold for 30 seconds.

IMPORTANT: If any stretch or exercise aggravates the shoulder, stop and see your musculoskeletal practitioner. Shoulder issues are one of the most common upper body complaints we see in our office on a daily basis. The unstable nature of the shoulder makes this joint susceptible to sports injury and postural stress. 

Lisa, director

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Lisa, chiropractor


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