Let’s look at doing some self assessment for the shoulder. For you to get more awareness around how your shoulder is moving, then the Apley’s scratch test is a great way to find out.

Why is this joint so unstable?

The shoulder joint is a common joint to be injured or strained. The main reason for that is the fact the shoulder joint is very loose and held together by ligaments. It literally hands off the shoulder blade. This is what allows for a varied range of movement – there is a price to pay. Injuries or poor posture can compromise this joint and make it unstable. Stiffness and pain may result.

Apley’s Scratch Test

Here is how you can test your shoulder mobility. Do these movements standing and see how each side compares and take note if there is any stiffness or pain with any of the movements. Stop if the discomfort level is high.

  1. Stand and place palm of one hand on the front of the opposite shoulder. The aim is to have forearm touching chest. Try on other side.
  2. Place place palm of one hand on the back of the opposite shoulder by going behind the head. Try on other side.
  3. Back of the hand goes to opposite shoulder, by bringing the hand behind you, as if you are hiding something behind your back.

Wall Angel

Stand with shoulder blades and mid back against the wall with feet slightly away from the wall. Bring arms up along side wall so your forearms are perpendicular with the ground and fingers are pointing upwards and palms are facing forward. Gently see if you can straighten up arms while keeping your shoulders and mid back against the wall.

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