Forward head carriage is caused by a number of different factors. It’s when your head is sitting in front of your shoulders instead of on top of it.

There are a few different things that we do in our daily lives that contribute to this change in posture.

 1. Sitting/ standing slouched

Especially on the couch watching tv as many of us are spending more time watching netflix and playing video games.

2. Poor work/study set up

With a lot of people working from home, the set up has been less than ideal, often far from the sound ergonomic set up they have in the office. We have seen people sitting at their laptops daily instead of using a monitor that they usually have in the office. Using laptops dose not encourage your head to be in a neutral position.

Poor desk chair and I incorrect desk/chair height can contribute to forward head posture also.

If you are unable to work from a monitor or sit in a high quality desk chair then it’s vital that you get up and move every 30 minutes to take pressure off your spine and change your posture. Another great idea is to prop up your laptop and use a separate keyboard.

3. Sitting on our phones/computers/ technology daily

Phones are a big contributing factor to forward head carriage, our constant looking down at them and the prolonged daily use.

4. Tight muscles around neck and shoulders. 

Our muscles surrounding our neck and shoulders are put under a lot of tension when we have poor posture and this can lead to a stiffness and tightness. Stiff neck and shoulder makes it even harder to hold our neck and head in a neural posture. Poor technique when exercising can also lead to tension in the neck and shoulder muscles. 

5. Weak core muscles

This affects our ability to hold ourselves up straight and increases that forward head posture.

6. Cervical (Neck) joint stiffness

A tight or restricted cervical spine will contribute to forward carriage. 

It’s Important to stretch out our neck and shoulders daily and make sure we have time away from our devices. Daily exercises that focus on core control are also really important to help us sustain good posture in our daily routine. 


If your listening to this and feel these daily postures resonate with you then please contact us to find out how chiropractic can help with your posture. Or if you know someone who could benefit from this information then please pass this along to them.  If you don’t want to have the worst neck posture then please focus on the above and see how you feel. 

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